Site Transition
Posted by Derek on April 13 2012 15:05:25 EST
    ...and life transition, really. Over the next couple of weeks I will be transitioning this site from my web hosting portfolio to my 3D Animation portfolio, seeing as I'm graduating with a B.A. in Digital Media and have two years of CG film experience under my belt. Soon there'll be some exciting things to see here as the site is modified to a personal blog and portfolio.
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Latest Project
Posted by Derek on April 18 2011 21:14:18 EST
    We're proud to announce that we've just finished our latest project, a Rent to Own site for Rent Co. Electronics. Once they're ready to go live, we'll be posting up a post-mortem and updating our portfolio with the latest. We chose to use Drupal 7 as our CMS of choice for this project, mostly because it's much better than Drupal 6 and works well with Ubercart, our go-to for PHP e-commerce. In other news, we have a Wordpress test site for some of the cool freebies we've liked and used from the internets available here ... Read More
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Up and Coming
Posted by Derek on June 27 2010 01:14:52 EST
    Systems Creative relies on our own proprietary toolset to make our websets, called SCTools. It's pretty similar to Drupal or Joomla, with the exception that we find SCTools far easier to maintain and work with. Our current site (version 4) is built on SCTools and relies on that framework for everything, including our admin panel that has our business management module installed.

A useful tip for cleaner PHP urls: use apache's mod_rewrite to fix em up. I added in some very helpful comm... Read More

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